Custom Order Policy

To begin, please fill out the Custom Request form HERE. Please allow 24 hours for APG to review your request and get back to you.  To help facilitate the process, please provide as much detail as possible when submitting your request.


Because each custom order is different, the minimum quantity will depend on the manufacturing process your design requires.  Please indicate the exact number of pieces you will need so that we can accurately calculate costs, determine the appropriate production process and estimate our production timeline.  Variation in quantity may significantly affect these factors.

Sample Production

There are many different molding and shaping techniques that can be used to form the shape of the award.  Factors to be considered when we select the production method include overall shape, size, material, quantity, budget, and timeframe.  A sample will be produced once the customer has submitted or approved the detailed technical drawing or prototype and payment has been received. 

Pricing & Budget

Pricing is determined by many variables, including quantity, drawing fees, type/cost of mould and materials, production process (including moulds), delivery date and shipping method.  If you have a specific budget, please provide that information at the beginning of the project.  This will help us to choose the right production method and the material.  Drawing fees are determined by the complexity of the project.  Fees begin at $250 and must be paid in full before drawing begins.  Depending on the quantity ordered, drawing fees may be applied to production costs or refunded.  The drawing fee may be waived if the customer prefers to submit their own existing prototype or detailed technical drawing (including measurements). 


All orders must be paid in full before shipping.  APG accepts all major credit cards (Visa, Master, Amex, Discover).  Payment must be made via credit card by check or bank wiring.  Please note that if paying by check or bank wiring, APG will be unable to continue with your order until payment clears our account, which may affect the production timeline or production arrival date.  Custom orders may not be paid for an credit term.  If your project requires a mould, the cost of the mould must be paid in full before prototype can be constructed.  A deposit of at least 50% of your total production cost is due when placing the custom order.  Production will not begin unless 50% deposit has been collected.  The remaining balance including shipping costs must be paid before the order ships.

Timeline and Time Sensitivity

At the start of the project, APG will help you establish a working timeline to facilitate the custom process from start to finish.  This will give both parties an understanding of what is expected during the specified timeframe.  APG cannot move forward with any step of the process without the approval of the client.  Taking this, along with payment transaction, shipping time and production schedules into consideration, it is very important that each party act quickly in responding to communication efforts made by the other.  Any lapses in communication (especially customer approval) or nonpayment may result in delayed delivery and APG is not responsible for the delay. 


Transit times and shipping methods vary depending on the urgency of the project.  Orders may be shipped either by air or ocean freight.  Shipping method should be determined according to the timeline established between both parties at the start of the project.  The customer may be responsible for all or part of the shipping costs as approved by APG.  For the convenience of our customers, APG will ship to freight forwarders. 


Please inspect merchandise immediately upon arrival.  Failure to do so may compromise replacement conditions.  APG must be notified of any damages, defects and/or any other problems within 10 business days of the invoice date.  APG is not responsible for refunding or replacing damaged goods once the goods have been changed hands from the original recipient.  CIP releases all liability for damages on others shipped to a freight forwarder.  This is because we are unable to determine at which point during shipping that the goods were damaged.  Once a claim is filed, the receiver must keep the damaged merchandise for at least 5 business days to allow the carrier to carry out inspection.  It is the responsibility of the account holder to make a claim with their carrier for the reimbursement of any damaged merchandise in shipments leaving APG via freight collect.

Order Cancellation

There is no additional penalty for order cancellation; however, customers are responsible for all applicable fees once they have authorized a process.  Orders may not be canceled once production begins.  Drawing and mold fees will not be refunded if production is cancelled.  The customer may decide to have cancelled orders shipped to them, in which case the customer is responsible for all the charges.  If the customer chooses not to ship the cancelled order, all products become the property of APG and may not be retrieved at a later date.


Due to the nature of custom production, APG is unable to accommodate returns, exchanges or refunds.